Why Going Green is Great for Businesses

Why Going Green is Great for Businesses

Many businesses across the globe are deciding to ‘go green’ as a response to consumer demands to become more environmentally friendly. Surveys have suggested that over 80 per cent of individuals view companies that operate in a sustainable manner more favourably than companies that do not adopt these values. There are a number of reasons why going green benefits a business. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, becoming eco-friendly often benefits companies financially. So, what does ‘going green’ really mean? The term refers to the aspiration of becoming more sustainable and environmentally responsible in business operations and future growth planning. Whether it means implementing less impactful manufacturing processes or printing business cards at a sustainable printing firm, every change helps. The following explains some of the key advantages for any company thinking about trying to become eco-friendly. 

Better Brand Reputation

Consumers are far more likely to purchase products or services from a company that values sustainability. In the United States, the sustainability market is expected to make $150 billion in profits by the end of 2021. It is fair to say that sustainability sells. Having a great service or product often is not enough these days. As consumers become increasingly informed about production processes and business operations, there is more pressure on companies to act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

A Point of Difference 

Consumers have so much choice these days. Therefore, it is imperative to distinguish yourself from competitors. Promoting your company as a sustainable business can provide a point of difference when marketing services and products. Companies should avoid greenwashing, however. Greenwashing refers to a company that misleadingly positions itself as an environmentally conscious business. This can lead to a loss of consumer trust, so businesses should only establish themselves as ‘green’ if they truly are.

Increased Productivity 

Employees are far more likely to enjoy working in a place that they feel a sense of purpose and achievement in. By working towards sustainability, employees will feel as if they are working towards something positive. Having satisfied workers will, in turn, lead to enhanced productivity. 

Financial Advantages

As mentioned above, consumers respond far better to companies that are socially and environmentally responsible. Therefore, in order to maximise sales profits, going green is a fantastic way to increase revenue. Developing environmentally conscious products, such as energy-efficient air compressors, can lead to successfully increasing sales profits. To increase customer value, companies can offer repairs on products. This will cut down on waste, whilst simultaneously creating a competitive advantage. In this example, offering air compressor repair services can draw in more customers. 

So, with all of these advantages outlined, how can businesses actually become eco-friendly? There are so many changes that can be put in place to work towards sustainability. These modifications can be both big and small. Every step towards building a more ecologically responsible business will help benefit the environment as a whole. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started on the wonderful journey of going green. 

Be Surrounded by Public Transport

One easy way to become eco-friendlier as a company includes making sure that offices are surrounded by public transport. This will encourage employees to take the train, bus or ferry to work. On average, cars emit approximately 4.6 tons of carbon dioxide every year. By commuting to work on public transport, this impact can be lessened. 

Switch to Cloud Computing 

One way to go green is to enlist the help of an IT consultant to make the switch to cloud computing. Programs such as Microsoft Office 365 can allow employees to share work and information remotely. By swapping to cloud computing, employees can limit travel to and from work. Not only does this help reduce carbon emissions, but it can also help employees save on travel costs. Investing in these systems can also help to save on notepad printing and other printing costs.

Work with Other Sustainable Businesses

One way to encourage other companies to go green is to create partnerships with firms that share the same values. Businesses striving towards becoming eco-friendly can work together to share ideas and resources. Furthermore, it is often said that you are a reflection of who you spend your time around. Supporting other businesses that act in irresponsible and unsustainable ways goes against the fundamental values of going green. For example, if a basketball apparel supplier is working towards becoming more environmentally friendly, they should partner with sustainable fabric manufacturers.

Decrease Water Usage 

An easy way to make a small change is to limit the use of water. Ensure that any leaking taps in the workplace are fixed. If there are employee showers at the office, make sure that a water-saving showerhead is installed. Not only will this save water, but it will also help to reduce the water bill. 

Turn Off the Lights

Many companies keep office lights on overnight. This is more prevalent in high rise buildings in major cities. One of the simplest ways to reduce energy is to turn them off overnight. It seems like common knowledge, but sometimes the easiest solutions can have the most impact. Contact management for the building to see if you can get the lights turned off on your floor at night to help save on energy. 

Support Local

If you are an interior designer, consider purchasing locally-made furniture. This will help to cut down on emissions as the product does have to be sent by plane. Even supporting local farmers through buying produce for the work fruit bowl at the local farmer’s market will make a small difference. 

There are so many different ways that businesses can go green. Even the smallest of changes can make a big collective difference. Employees should encourage their bosses to implement more eco-friendly practices around the workplace. Additionally, consumers should continue to support businesses that are acting in an ethical and responsible way. The consumer dollar has a huge impact on how businesses act. By putting your money where your values lie, the world will be far better off. If we all work together to strive for sustainability, we will have a much healthier planet. 

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